Marianne Leone
Founder and President
Marianne Leone was born and raised in New York City.  Growing up as a professional Ice Skater, Ms Leone was always drawn to the limelight.  Her show business work experience began as an assistant to an NYC manager. Absorbing all she could, she realized there were areas she felt she would handle differently.  She believed, and to this day still practices, the philosophy that a client’s career goals must precede a single audition. She wanted to see more mentoring and planning, and goals personally set for each individual client.  Thirty-one years ago she left her assistant position and opened Terrific Talent in New York City.  Later, she expanded to an LA branch establishing a market she uses electronically today.  Ms. Leone’s impact on the entertainment world is indelible.  She changed the world of talent management forever.  During her career, she has launched countless actors & actresses to stardom.  She prides herself on long term goals in the best interest and desires of her clients and their families. Her personal goal is always to manage and mentor aspiring actors to fulfill their dreams.